Seed Run 8 November

Amazing to run with so many of you on a dark, damp autumn evening! 

Thanks again to Fred for hosting drinks back at his HQ, and for everyone who donated to $1kProject. We raised another £400 :)

This month we did some more runner interviews, including:

1. The one and only Fred Destin. Nobody says it “how it is” quite like Fred. I doubt there is another VC who will give you as straight feedback. See what he has to say below.

2. Sami Tatar at his first Seed Run. Obviously he loved it! You can read more about him and his EdTech investing below.

3. Long time Seed Runner Michael Blakley. If you want to chat with him, you best catch him after the run, unless you run at sub 4 min/km, 

4. My over 50s companion Mark Long. If your C-suite has empty chairs, he’s your man

5. Dima Pimakhov, originally from Kiev. We have promised to raise money for his next humanitarian trip back to Ukraine.

6. Mateus Gomez. He’s Brazilian Fintech SalaryFit’s main man in Europe.

7. Supa Chantschool, who attended our 2nd ever Seed Run in Victoria Park, was back talking about his sleep pods.

Some great feedback on Seed Run. Mostly that it needs “socialising”, so here’s our new Insta:

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Fred Destin

Founder, Stride

Dissenters welcome

Sami Tatar

Early Stage Edtech Investor, Emerge

It's never too early to talk to us

Michael Blakley

Founder Equitas

Interview intelligence software, that helps companies hire the right people in half the time.

Mark Long

Founder NUMI

We exist to raise the bar when it comes to recruitment.

Dima Pimakhov

Founder, GoSolo

It's a business banking app for traders.

Mateus Gomes

Head of Partnerships and Investor Relations, SalaryFits

We are infrastructure that connects payroll to other financial stations. We open up APIs so that products can be offered at an employee level.

Supa Chantschool

Founder, Rest Space

Imagine a Japanese sleeping capsule but in your office and for you to access wherever and whenever you need it.

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