Seed Run results

Either everyone is getting faster or possibly I'm getting slower. After less than a K I could hardly breathe as I took a call from a late runner who'd just arrived at the pub. Checking Strava, my heart rate was at “threshold” 70% of the time, which sounds and felt like I was close to a cardiac event.

Nick Greenhalgh and Michael Blakley were back for another head-to-head rematch. Giles Collee, from Stride, bravely tucked in behind them and was somewhat dismayed to hear them chat away the whole way around Regent’s Park.

And then it was over. Much relief and joy as we retired to the newly refurbished Volunteer. The pub was rammed, but that did not matter. Drinks were dispatched (thank you Stride!) and life was discussed.

I found myself talking to two ex-pro athletes, Nick (Professional Rugby Player) and Ben (GB 800m Runner). They had both experienced the level of focus and dedication it takes to succeed in first-class sport. The entry ticket is natural talent, but that only gets you so far. We wondered whether if founders had a natural sporting talent would they be the perfect pro athletes? Or would most pro athletes make great founders? We decided that it all came down to being as resilient as a cockroach.

Well done to Michael (men’s winner), Lisa (women’s winner) and to Daria who all won Seed Run running tops.

Thank you to everyone who came along. We had lots of first-time runners, and a great effort from everyone. This week we raised £250 for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

At the next Seed Run will be back running for the 1kproject. It will be after Easter, in late April, BST, and early evening daylight. See you all then!

Seed Runners

Adam McArthur
Ben Waterman
Daria Iakovleva
Giles Collee
Henry Yates
Jon Chapman
Leonardo Lucatorto
Lisa Haidacher
Lodovico Sella
Mark White
Michael Blakley
Milorad Doljanin
Nick Greenhalgh
Nick Richards
Niraj Dattani
Rahel Tesfai
Rob Brougham
Stijn Pieper
Will Bicknell

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