Seed Run results

Seed Run never disappoints. What a lovely bunch of founders and investors. Lots of familiar faces, and a wonderful new influx of people. Thank you Seedlegals and Founders Forum for continuing to promote us.

We congregated at the Champion pub on the edge of Hyde Park for our (not quite) 5k run. Thursday evening was a balmy 7 degrees as we took off down Kensington Palace Gardens past the mixture of embassies and billionaire residences. 

As always, we started at a brisk pace. This time, however, three of our newcomers kicked into another gear as we turned into High Street Ken pushing a sub 4 min/k pace and disappearing into the night. 

The route seemed fairly straightforward, but, true to form, about halfway around the park I passed a group running in the opposite direction! I have now discovered that I can create a route on Strava. I promise to create one for next month.

I was too far back to witness the battle at the front, but I hear it was fiercely fought. In the end Michael Blakely pulled away finishing comfortably ahead and continuing back down Kensington Palace Gardens to complete a full 5k in around 19 minutes. Wow, nice running! Nick Greenalgh and Nick Mahoney came in just behind.

We all piled back into The Champion for much jollity and general startup chat. Thank you SVB for so generously buying everyone drinks.

We raised another £300 for the $1kproject which connects donors directly with Ukrainian families impacted by the war. Thank you to everyone who donated. 

The next Seed Run will be on Thursday 2nd March. Get it in your diary! Timing and venue to follow. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

Thanks to everyone who came along. It is more about taking part than ranking, so we have dropped that for now. However, a shout out for Will Walsh for coming in in a much improved 15th running with his dog!

Seed Runners

Aaron Jones
Alex Threipland
Alex Broadley
Alex Zadvorny
Andrew Malone
Connor Brooks
Dmytro Pimakhov
Ed Roberts
Florian Senger-Weiss
Greg Chiappini
Henry Yates
Joe Dalton
Kika Stepa
Maulik Sailor
Mia Williams
Michael Blakley
Milorad Doljanin
Murray Porritt
Nick Greenhalgh
Nick Mahoney
Renat Gabitov
Robert James
Vasily Alekseenko
Wernher Pikali
Will Walsh

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