Seed Run 4th October

Frieze art fair, train strikes, cancelled tube strike. We did it anyway! Thanks so much to all of you who managed to make it to Regent's Park, it was another glorious evening.

Ben Waterman has been coming to Seed Run since we used to meet at the pub. Being an ex-pro athlete I think he thought it wrong to win, so he always held back. This month we had a group of 5 or 6 sub 19 min 5kers. The polite jogging behind me lasted about 20 metres, and they were off. Ben stayed with them, his heart beat barely registering any real effort. As they entered the final stretch Ben casually clicked up a gear. All they could do was watch. I wish I'd been close enough to witness!

Other honorable mentions include Felix Destin, on his first (of I hope many!) Seed Runs; Dan Cobley for pace making me (actually it was awful, but thank you for pushing me so hard!); Teja Urankar, who made it all the way from Slovenia (loved chatting to you about Elan skis :)).

Thank you again to Fred and the Stride team for so generously hosting us at their HQ after the run. And thank you to everyone who donated to the 1KProject.

This month we started founder Interviews (see below). They will also go on our new founder wall here.

Next month, we'll start investor interviews and create an investor wall as well. Let me know if you'd like to do one.

We also have a new Strava club, you can join here:

Can't wait for the next Seed Run. Date to follow shortly.


Henry Yates

Founder, Retrace

Retrace allows you to see what’s happening in your software application in real time. You can trace back from any output, data or code, to see the inputs.

John Chapman

Founder, Digihome

Digihome is an app that helps you manage your home.

Milorad Doljanin

Founder, Setyl

Setyl provides a platform for companies to keep track of which equipment and licences have been provided to each of their staff. 

Ben Waterman

Founder, Strabo

Strabo is a global portfolio tracking dashboard.

Don Ladell

Founder, Spyder Studios

We build houses through tech to solve the housing crisis.

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