June Seed Run

Another amazing Seed Run in the sunshine, thank you all for making it such a fun evening.

First, thank you Fred Destin for donating £5,000 to the 1KProject, so generous as always. We also raised $1000, thank you to everyone who donated so generously. You can see their thank you for last month’s donation here (photo of Iryna’s family below).

YOUR generosity helped directly support Iryna’s Family

If you did not manage to donate and want to now, you can do so directly here (you can select any amount, it does not have to be $1K!)

Ben and Dom, founders at Runna, have also very kindly offered a 2 week free trial to Runna. The app gives you a personalised training programme for whatever goal you choose. Personally, I will be focusing on my 5k so that I can beat Fred next time (see below!).

All you need to do is enter SEEDRUN when you sign up. For each person who signs up after the free trial, they will donate £25 to the $1KProject.


Again, we had more women running than ever before, but it would be great to have more. Please tell your friends to come along. Jia Lin came in in front, closely followed by Winsie and Hanna. 

The over 50s was hotly contested. Dan Cobley (ex Google, founder and now angel investor) met Runna co-founder Ben on the start line. He then received personalised pace making all the way around, leaving the competition for dust. The group dropped me within the first minute and I found myself alone. At about the 3k mark someone latched on behind me. I tried to increase my pace but could not shake them. With about 100m to go, I saw it was Fred who then accelerated past me to come in 2nd. Fred, this is not over!

This month we will be giving a Seed Run running shirt to Oliver Bennet to celebrate his 5th Seed Run. Thanks for all your support, Oliver!

With all the excitement I completely forgot to take photos. I copied some from your LinkedIn post Edgar (thank you!), but if anyone else has any please send them over and I will add them.


Seed Runners - we missed lots of people at sign in. Please let me know if you came and did not make this list.

Alessandro Robustelli
ben parker
Benjamin Geyre
Branislav Pencák
Christopher Lai
Dameli Bozzhanova
Dan Cobley
Daniil Furman
Donald Ladell
Edgar Lapins
Francesco Benincasa
Fred Destin
George Comninos
Giles Collee
Hanna Lewis
Jia Lin Yong
Jody Saunders
Louis Clermont
Peadar Coyle
Prashant Talwar
Rob Taylor
Ron Danenberg
Salim Saadi
Sam Isaacs
Sam Oliver
Shjeel Ahmed
Suraj M S
Tim Whiston
Timo Kunz
Valerio rossi
Vasily Alekseenko
Vyacheslav Lukin
Winsie Chen


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