Runner Wall

Louise Thomas

Personalising air quality, for everyone

Anoushka Todd

Nick Greenhalgh

Co-founder, Luca

Making concussion objective through neurocognitive assessment

Natalie Weil

Co-founder, Old Street Ventures

opening access to the world of venture capital

Hannah Baynham

Co-founder, Haboo

Goodbye debt, hello financial freedom

Alice Walsh

Co-Founder, CEO Lineup Polo

Making Polo digital

Jing Ouyang

A doctor turned tech entrepreneur. Co-founder Patchwork Health

Dan Shellard

Partner, Breega

Idea into Impact


Elementary, Angel Syndicate


Bill Corfield

Love Ventures

We love backing exceptional founders

Jane Fisher

Founder Imii

Your AI-powered pocket assistant that helps you settle in and feel at home, wherever you go.

Will Taylor

Founder, Workflow

Give your team a clear process for
discussing and delivering creative work.

Rohan Kotecha

Founder, Curv

Wearable for back pain

Tom Storr

Co-Founder, The Experimentation Group

Discover what really matters to your players

Nurdik Bazylbekov

Angel Investor & VC Scout

Simon Blackford

Co-founder, Ellidore + Thadeus

Experience a new world of luxury.

Fred Destin

Founder, Stride

Dissenters welcome

Sami Tatar

Early Stage Edtech Investor, Emerge

It's never too early to talk to us

Michael Blakley

Founder Equitas

Interview intelligence software, that helps companies hire the right people in half the time.

Mark Long

Founder NUMI

We exist to raise the bar when it comes to recruitment.

Dima Pimakhov

Founder, GoSolo

It's a business banking app for traders.

Mateus Gomes

Head of Partnerships and Investor Relations, SalaryFits

We are infrastructure that connects payroll to other financial stations. We open up APIs so that products can be offered at an employee level.

Supa Chantschool

Founder, Rest Space

Imagine a Japanese sleeping capsule but in your office and for you to access wherever and whenever you need it.

Henry Yates

Founder, Retrace

Retrace allows you to see what’s happening in your software application in real time. You can trace back from any output, data or code, to see the inputs.

John Chapman

Founder, Digihome

Digihome is an app that helps you manage your home.

Milorad Doljanin

Founder, Setyl

Setyl provides a platform for companies to keep track of which equipment and licences have been provided to each of their staff. 

Ben Waterman

Founder, Strabo

Strabo is a global portfolio tracking dashboard.

Don Ladell

Founder, Spyder Studios

We build houses through tech to solve the housing crisis.

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