Image: Hertford College Pavilion - Student hub and accommodation


Located in the heart of North Oxford this important scheme will create a hub of graduate accommodation for Hertford College, Reuben College, Kellogg College and academic space for the University of Oxford.


The Winchester Road project presents an exciting opportunity to explore the potential of a site which benefits from its Central North Oxford location, at the heart of the North Oxford Victorian Suburb Conservation Area.

The proposal is low level and inhabits the spaces in and around the existing gardens and villas. Whilst the site is challenging, it has the potential to enhance experiences and cultivate a real sense of place for North Oxford itself.

The Colleges and the University have a common desire to improve graduate residential facilities. To support the forecast growth in graduate numbers, they have come together to develop a shared vision for this area of North Oxford, where their collective ownership provides a key opportunity.  The aim is to create a vibrant “community” of various types of accommodation. 

Graduates are permanent residents during their academic studies, and with the right environment the development can build on this continuity to foster a strong sense of community. Designing for modern graduate needs means building for living, not just sleeping.  This in turn means paying particular attention to communal study and recreation space.  There is a vision to provide multi-functional buildings that anchor the community and serve many purposes – from a twenty-first century study space to encouraging recreation and building collaborative relationships. 

Additionally, the Social Sciences division has a requirement for two new buildings to the Southern portion of the site. This site offers the ideal location as it provides a strong synergy between adjacent departments and groups. The two new departmental buildings will be for the Department of International Development (ODID) and the Southeast Asian Studies Centre (SASC).

Image: Reuben College Gardens

Image: Apple Orchards