This section provides information on the infrastructure investment provided by Homes England as part of its development of Chalgrove Airfield.



Homes England recognises the need for major development to be supported by appropriate and necessary on and off-site infrastructure. 


In its capacity as Governments housing agency, Homes England is uniquely placed to support the delivery of strategic sites through the provision of essential infrastructure.


Investing in Transport


Homes England is committed to ensuring that Chalgrove Airfield is connected and accessible. 


We have been working with stakeholders and the local communities for the past three years to develop the transport strategy with the aim of ensuring that the proposals meet the specific needs of individual areas. 


The Transport Strategy for Chalgrove Airfield benefits both existing communities and future residents by seeking to reduce the need to travel, then maximising the use of sustainable transport choices and then mitigating any residual effects.


While we will significantly reduce the number of journeys people need to take, a development the size of Chalgrove Airfield provides opportunities to improve access to sustainable transport choices, however it is recognised that at times
there will be an increase in traffic on local roads.


We are therefore committed to investing in local transport infrastructure across the sub-region to maximise future opportunities, reduce the impacts and where possible help address existing issues.



Our proposed investment includes:


  • Providing a network of pedestrian and cycle routes within the development and linking to the wider area. 


  • A realigned B480 through the development to enable an integrated place, manage the transport impact and allow safe passage from Chalgrove Airfield to the Village on foot or by bike.


  • Investment into new public transport with a number of new and increased bus services.


  • Restricting vehicular access on Rofford Lane.


  • Improving Hollantide Lane. 


  • Funding contributions towards Watlington and Benson Edge Roads.  


  • Public realm and traffic calming measures at Little Milton, GreatHaseley, Pyrton, Berrick Salome and Brightwell Salome.  


  • Funding contributions towards the Oxford Gateway Bus Capacity Improvements Scheme.


  • Directly delivering and funding new bypasses at Stadhampton, Chiselhampton and Cuxham.




The new bypasses for Stadhampton, Chiselhampton and Cuxham



A key part of the Transport Strategy for Chalgrove Airfield is to deliver bypasses around Stadhampton, Chiselhampton and Cuxham, and this will be subject to a detailed planning application later in 2020. 


These bypasses are necessary to support Homes England’s development proposals at Chalgrove Airfield and will help address existing highway issues, provide additional highway capacity and will improve the local environments through the existing


Throughout 2018 and 2019 Homes England engaged with local stakeholders, landowners and the local communities on the preferred bypass routes and undertook three stages of engagement and consultation with numerous stakeholders and included: 


Stage 1 – Collaboratively Identifying and assessing options.


Stage 2 – Technical consultation of bypass options. 


Stage 3 – Public consultation of preferred alignments  (can be found  here ).


Following the public consultation, Homes England commissioned a programme of surveys and other baseline assessments (April – October 2019) which were necessary to understand better the environmental conditions along the preferred


More information on Homes England’s bypass proposals, public consultation, and the response to feedback, progress and next steps in the Update Report (June 2020) can be found here.


Investing in the Environment


Homes England understands that investing in the environment is important. Our plans include the delivery of new open spaces, landscaping, the creation of new habitats, sustainable drainage and improvements in biodiversity to improve the
overall ecological value of the Airfield. We will also provide more opportunities for communities to grow their own food and spend more time outside.


Our proposals include:



  • A minimum of 30ha of accessible Open space, including new parks, walking and cycling routes.


  • New allotments.


  • The creation of new habitats on site and a 10% increase in biodiversity overall.



We also recognise the need for any new development to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.


As well as reducing the need to travel and improving access to sustainable transport choices, sustainability measures have been embedded into the design and flexibility is provided within our proposal that will allow for specific measures – such as low
carbon energy and energy efficiency measures – to be developed further as the proposals evolve to a more detailed design and reserved matters.


To address future flood risk, Homes England has developed a sustainable drainage strategy which incorporates separate systems for managing foul and surface water drainage, reducing the existing risk of flooding in Chalgrove Village which includes a
network of retention ponds, wetlands, swales and drainage solutions through the site.


Investing in Education


Following discussion with Oxfordshire County Council and Icknield College Homes England will provide as part of the new town:



  • Two primary schools, both of which will be two-form entry and will include nursery and reception classes.


  • An 8-form entry Secondary School with 1,200 places and Sixth Form college with 300 places. This will be delivered as part of phase 1. The school will facilitate the relocation of Icknield Community College allowing space for future expansion, which cannot be delivered on its current site.


We will also ensure that we consider the needs for other education requirements including adult learning, early years and special education needs.


Investing in Community Facilities


We’re committed to delivering community facilities early in the development to ensurenew homes are provided alongside services and facilities for new and existing residents.


The phasing will ensure that new homes are supported by appropriate levels of infrastructure and amenities. This includes responding to consultation feedback by bringing forward the delivery of the secondary school to Phase 1 and relocating it
closer to the new town centre.


Within the town centre, we will provide a range of community facilities including acommunity hub, retail, cafes, restaurants and health.




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