This section provides updates on the scheme and provides links to key documents and correspondence relating to the delivery of Chalgrove Airfield.



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Community Newsletters


Homes England will issue regular community newsletters to keep you up to date with our plans. These are available below  a newsletter once the outline planning application for our development proposals has been validated by South Oxfordshire District Council


Chalgrove newsletter - June 2018.pdf


Chalgrove newsletter - Autumn 2018.pdf 



Chalgrove newsletter - July 2020.pdf





South Oxfordshire District Council submitted its Local Plan to the Secretary of State on Friday 29 March 2019 in accordance with Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 for Independent Examination. Homes England submitted comments during the Publicity Period of the Local Plan 2034, which took place between 7 January - 18 February 2019. They are available to download below. More information on the local plan is available here.


Homes England - SODC Local Plan Reg 19 Corporate Representations.pdf


Homes England - SODC Local Plan Reg 19 Landowner Representations.pdf


Homes England is currently preparing Hearing Statements for the South Oxfordshire Local Plan Examination in Public and will be made available here when the Statements are in the public domain.


Further information the South Oxfordshire Local Plan can be found here





Letter to SODC on the position of Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Limited (MBACL).pdf


Statement from Homes England on the position on MBACL.pdf



Resident invitation to drop-in consultations - 26 February 19.pdf



Technical Review and Assessment in relation to Redevelopment of Chalgrove Airfield: Summary Report.pdf




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