llustrative Masterplan submitted with outline planning application June 2020



Chalgrove Airfield is a former World War II aerodrome near Chalgrove, South Oxfordshire. It was transferred to Homes England from the Ministry of Defence in 2016.


Located in an area with significant housing challenges, Chalgrove Airfield provides an opportunity for Government investment to make more efficient use of a previously developed site to create a new sustainable community. Our plans for a 21 st Century Market Town will provide a range of homes, jobs, local services and facilities that will meet the future needs of both
future residents and existing communities.


While the Airfield will play an important role in meeting the future needs of South Oxfordshire, it is important to recognise the heritage of the site and its continued use as an aerodrome facility. Our Plans reflect this history and include provision for an active runway and for the existing uses to be retained onsite.


You can view our planning application here


An FAQ document on Chalgrove Airfield and Homes England’s proposals can be found here


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